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january & february schedules

We are excited to offer many services this winter! We're offering our typical Puppy and Manners classes, as well as a Tricks class, Reactive Rover, a new Chill Out Fido class, and Manners Level 2. 


We're also offering a prep class and exam for the St. Johns Therapy Dog Program and a prep class and exam for the CKC Canine Good Neighbor Program. 


In other exciting news we're hosting a Tracking Seminar with Sue Ailsby in February, we are full with a wait list for now but are trying to organize another day. 


All classes are six weeks in duration and will be as follows:


Chill Out Fido - $175 - Sundays @ 2:00 PM Starting February 15th

Manners Level 1 - $145 - Sundays @ 3:15 PM Starting February 15th 


Puppy - $145 - Sundays @ 4:30 PM Starting February 15th


The maximim number of participants in each class will be:


Puppy & Manners - 6 dogs per class


Reactive Rover - 5 dogs per class


Tricks Class - 6 dogs per class


Chill Out Fido - 4 dogs per class

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