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Click the photos above to go to our new classes starting this August! Browse through our services or have a look at our calendar to see what's up and coming. 


Also, ONLINE BOOKING is coming soon for private sessions!!

Paws Here is now offering canine board and train, private sessions, recall workshops, polite walking workshopspuppy classes, training days, social groups, disc dog, nose work, tricks classmanners classes and canine photography in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


Before you sign up for classes do you want to know a little more about me?? 

All training is done using force free methods and tools, there are many different of methods out there but it's important to understand that they are NOT all equal. Many trainers try to explain that every dog learns differently and therefore you have to be open to using all different kinds of training if they deem necessary. That is simply untrue and you should be wary of trainers that state it as such.


The science of canine behavior has proven that all dogs learn using the same principles of behavior and it is just a matter of finding the correct motivation that an individual dog needs. All behavior problems and issues can be solved without the use of force and punishment. If you have any questions or inquiries please look around the website and if they are still unanswered contact me here. Keep in mind that not using physical punishment to end unwanted behaviors does NOT mean that we're permissive of those behaviors. There can be consequences for a dogs poor behavior that don't need to cause physical harm to the dog. 

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