Getting A Puppy??

Puppy group classes include teaching the basics of sit, down, stand, left, right, polite walking and greetings, name attention and recall. Classes run for one hour each for six weeks. At the end of each class puppies get a chance to play off leash to encourage and shape appropriate play. 


Our next three full sets of puppy classes will begin Sept 22nd and 27th. (*Our Tuesday, Sept 22nd set is full.*) There will be a set on Tuesday at 7:00 pm, as well as one set Sundays at 7:00 pm. This class is one hour in length, for six consecutive weeks and is priced at $175.00 for the set.


Register for the September set here! We are back after a COVID break and ready with smaller class sizes and more class dates and times. 


Week 1 class you will come without your dog for our "How Dogs Learn" seminar and your homework to take home and start with your pup.


The next set of classes after the September set will begin January 2021. 

One-On-One Puppy Training

Thinking of getting a puppy? Or do you have a new pup and want to do things RIGHT with them so that they turn into a fantastic adult dog that is a joy to be around?


The training that happens in your pups first five months of life sets the tone for the kind of relationship, training, and activities you can do with your dog down the road. Yes, you can play catch up later if you've missed some things but it's so, So, SO much easier to train your pup right from the start and just build on that as time goes on.


This puppy package is for four sessions with you and your puppy. If you don't have a puppy yet but are thinking of getting one I can help you with the selecting and buying process as well! 


You MUST start training your pup from the moment you get them home, every interaction is training with a young dog. The puppy package must be started in between 8 weeks-4.5 months old. The sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of our starting date. 


Puppy sessions will include training your new family member to:

  • Crate quietly
  • Go to their mat
  • House train
  • Sit, Down, Left, Right
  • Walk nicely on leash
  • Meet and greet other people and dogs appropriately
  • Go to new places
  • Train around distractions
  • And more!!!

The training that is done before six months old is priceless in benefits for your dog as it grows, be sure to take advantage of your dogs learning ability and get as much training in that you can while it matters most!


The more you train your dog while they are a puppy the fewer problems you will have down the road.


The fee for four one on one puppy sessions is $175.00

*NEW Day Training Packages*

We are finally able to offer training packages. These are 4 week programs for clients that live in, or near Prince Albert. These programs enable us to work with your dog twice a week (without you needing to be present) and then pass on the learning to you. Dog training is the only service where people pay an instructor just to end up doing the work themselves. Now, clearly that works well too! For a lot of people. But for others? Not so much. Let us come and train your dog.


This is a simple set up where you supply us with a key or lock code and we will let you know when we will be there, and for how long. We come, train the skills you want, video a little feedback session, and then pack up and leave until next time. If there is someone home at the time that's perfectly fine, but they don't need to take part in the session.


What can your dog learn? We can teach the basics, we can teach more advanced skills, work on reactivity or other specific skills. Do you have an idea? Just ask! We'll be able to discuss with you what a reasonable expectation is and what our steps will be to get there.


This is a 4 week set with 7 sessions for your dog (with a trainer) and one transfer session with you and is priced at $395 per set. You don't have to be done after one set, you are able to extend it after completion.

A second dog in the home can be added for $245 more per set, then we spend twice as much time to work both dogs. 


Please send us an email if you have any questions or would like to book your dog in for this service!


For inquiries about all our services, including daycare, please phone 306-960-5415 or use our contact form.

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Daycare runs Mon-Fri 7:00 am-5:30 pm. Training, boarding, and classes run outside of those hours and on weekends as well. Contact us if you have any questions!

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