Tracking is not only good exercise for your dog but it will also stimulate their natural senses as they learn to hunt and seek out prey. In this course you will learn to teach your dog a new skill, which will give you both hours of enjoyment. You and your dog learn to problem solve together. Your dog should be able to work for toys or food to benefit most from this class. There is a physical element to this class, you will cover a lot of ground both laying tracks for classmates and running your own tracks with your dog. 


This class runs Saturday afternoons and is 6 weeks in length, $175.00 for the set. Class size is limited for everyones safety and enjoyment. Classes are not limited to one hour and often span two or three hours per week. Though you do not have to stay to observe the others, you will find that you learn as much (or more) by watching other dogs work. You should set aside some time during the week to practice between classes as well if you want your do to advance smoothly throughout the set.  


Our spring 2019 set was fantastic, here are the drop in tracking dates for anyone wanting to continue on throughout the summer. Have you taken our class a year or two ago and want to get back into it? Join us for drop ins and we'll catch you back up! Drop ins are $30 each and you can come to as many as you like. Pre-register at this link as we will be limiting the number of students in each class! 


July Tracking Drop Ins

6th @ 10:00 am

15th @ 6:00 pm

19th @ 6:00 pm

23rd @ 6:00 pm


August Tracking Drop Ins

1st @ 6:00 pm

6th @ 7:15 pm

17th @ 10:00 am

22nd @ 6:00 pm

Article Searching

What is article searching? Article searching is training your dog to find articles that have been dropped, thrown, or left behind that hold recent human scent. Your dog learns to search for them, then indicate with a down when they find them. Article searching is a great game to teach your dog to use their mental and physical energy!! It requires less from the dog and handler physically compared to tracking and can be a useful skill for them to know should you ever need to look for something left behind. 


Our articles class runs for six weeks in length and will be both indoors and out. You can train articles in addition to tracking, or as it's own seperate game. If you are doing both they can be worked on at the same time, you do not need to finish one class before starting the other unless you want too for other reasons. This class is open to all dogs, no prior classes are required. 


Dogs in this class do not have to have obedience skills, nor do they have to be good with other dogs as they are only out one at a time. Your dog does have to be food motivated for this class, we can help you with that if you feel your dog may not be as motivated as needed, just ask for some tips and tricks!


The next articles class begins Thursday May 2nd at 7:15 PM and is $175 for the set. Please sign up HERE to hold your spot. 




Nosework is its own sport where we teach you to train your dog to alert to a particular odor, which you (or someone else) can hide in various places. This is the bomb and drug detection sport for pet people. Same kind of training, only we are using legally obtainable scents. They are not looking for human scent articles, though they are smart enough to know the difference if you are wanting to train both skills. 


Our next beginner nosework seminar will take place Sunday, April 28th from 1:00-4:00 pm. This seminar is geared to all dogs and handlers, dogs are out individually for their turns so do not have to work well with other dogs around. All participants receive a scent kit as well to take home and continue training with! The seminar is a one time event and is $100.00


Please register for your spot in this seminar HERE


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