Dog Nerd Performance Series

This class is for the true dog nerds out there. The people who want to break down how to do things and ENJOY learning the little details. This class is going to be a whole lot of fun for people who like that kind of thing and value learning the ins and outs so they can apply them to teaching the finer skills, may it be tricks, competition obedience, or life skills that require more of a break down. 


This class is 6 weeks, every OTHER week. We will probably run a little longer than normal, so plan for it to be an hour and a half to two hours per class. The dates for this class are Sundays at 4:00 pm, starting September 27th. Following that sundays October 11th, 25th, November 8th, 22nd, and December 6th. We will plan to continue after the holidays with additional classes along this set. This set of six classes is $200 for the set. Registration form can be found here. 


The class is going to go as focus on the following points;


Week 1 (Sept 27)

Rewards-the art of rewarding, being creative with food, play, and social rewards. Finding what work for your dog best and new things to try.


Week 2 (Oct 11)

Timing-the importance of your timing as the handler, and how to use your rewards to best set up your dog. We also cover planning, how important it is to plan, and how important it is to be able to scratch that plan mid session. 


Week 3 (Oct 25)

Focus-teaching your dog that paying attention to you is the best way they can gain access to games, training, interacting, and the rewards that we've already started building.


Week 4 (Nov 8)

Platform-teaching your dog a platform, place, or spot command and all the ways you can use it to train a variety of other skills. 


Week 5 (Nov 22)

Disk-teaching body awareness, shaping, and the beginnings (or refresher) on the perfect heel position.


Week 6 (Dec 6)

Generalizing-expanding our expectations from what we've started with and how to add more skills to your dogs mind to further their understanding. 





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