Raw Dog Food

Carnivora raw dog food is a high quality, locally made (in Saskatchewan!) dog food that I can now order in! We put monthly orders in so if you have any questions or want to put an order in please just let me know. Orders go in the first FULL week of each month. Order by Tuesday and pick up the food on Thursday. Our personal dogs have been on a raw diet for over four years now and we are absolutely thrilled with the benefits of it.


Why switch to raw?? Here's what Carnivora has to say;


Dog’s come in all shapes and sizes, but the basic design of the dog equips it for being a carnivorous animal. A dog is designed to chase, capture, kill and eat its prey. It has the hallmark of the carnivore – the carnassial teeth. Dogs have retained few molar teeth for chewing and grinding. Although the teeth are specially modified, the general skeleton of a carnivore is fairly primitive. Carnivores have not imitated herbivores in evolving their paws to a hoof. A dog needs to be agile, capable of rapid changes of direction and able to use its claws as weapons. Wild herbivores may be quick on their feet but they are not as skillful at recovering from falls sustained while running at speed. The dogs’ basic design allows for bursts of speed as a pack hunter. In addition the wild dog is well muscled for endurance and long-distance foraging. Over the years of domestication, humans have selected various characteristics in the dog to fulfill particular requirements. However, one thing is certain – the domestic dog's digestive system has not been altered by the process of evolution. Despite obvious changes in physical appearance they are perfectly capable of eating natural raw foods

Satori & Boka Kibble

We understand that Raw isn't for everyone so we are now keeping both the Satori and Boka kibble dog food in stock at Paws Here. We have the Duck, Lamb, and Salmon recipes from Satori and the Chicken and Pork from Boka. 


These dry kibble options are made right here in Saskatchewan and are full of fantastic ingredients. The Boka food includes grains for the dogs that can handle them well, while Satori is grain free for the dogs that are more sensitive. 


We urge you to take a look at the ingredients in your dogs food and compare to what these have to offer. 


Please have a thorough look through the Satori webpage for information on their food and Boka has a page to explore as well.

Aura Treats & Chews

We now carry the Aura line of treats and chews! All dogs will find something they enjoy in this like that is Saskatchewan made with wholesome ingredients. These reasonably priced treats are locally made and healthy, with many different protein options to choose from. 

Stop in to grab a bag of treats or a chew when your dog is with us for classes, daycare, or boarding. We have been hearing nothing but good things back regarding these treats!


More nutritional information can be found on the Aura website


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