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Click here to order your dogs food for February.


We order in food on a monthly basis and don't hold stock at our facility. We do sometimes have extra, but if you're needing food on a regular basis we suggest ordering ahead.  Orders are picked up the first full week of the month on Friday, with the order deadline being the Friday prior to that. February order deadline is Feb 5th, with pick up being Feb 12th. 


Orders will be made as follows;

March 5th-Order, March 12th-Pick up

April 2nd-Order, April 9th-Pick up

April 30th-Order, May 7th-Pick up

June 4th-Order, June 11th-Pick up

July 2nd-Order, July 9th-Pick up

July 30th-Order, August 6th-Pick up

Sept 3rd-Order, Sept 10th-Pick up 

Evolution Raw 

We are so pleased to announce that we are now carrying Evolution Raw!! Evolution Raw is made right here in Saskatchewan. Have a look through their amazing website to learn more about the owners and the business and how they do things. We are ordering monthly and will be bringing in any of their products that you want to serve your pets. They have both dog and cat raw food, as well as bones, quail eggs, and more!

We are super pleased with the high quality of their products and customer service and can't wait to share it with you all as well!! 

Vintage Raw

Yes! We are still carrying Vintage Raw in four proteins. Chicken, beef, turkey and duck are favorites for many of our client dogs and they will continue to be options for you! 

Satori & Boka Kibble

We understand that Raw isn't for everyone so we are now keeping both the Satori and Boka kibble dog food in stock at Paws Here. We have the Duck, Lamb, and Salmon recipes from Satori and the Chicken and Pork from Boka. 


These dry kibble options are made right here in Saskatchewan and are full of fantastic ingredients. The Boka food includes grains for the dogs that can handle them well, while Satori is grain free for the dogs that are more sensitive. 


We urge you to take a look at the ingredients in your dogs food and compare to what these have to offer. 


Please have a thorough look through the Satori webpage for information on their food and Boka has a page to explore as well.


For inquiries about our dog daycare please contact Jay at 306-314-8295. For inquiries about training and boarding, please phone Amy at 306-960-5415 or use our contact form.

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