Youth Class

Do you have a child over the age of 4 that loves dogs? Youth class is for them. This class is going to be run once per month so your child (or children) can build on the skills they learn, without being comitted to a 6 week class. This kids club training class is going to include the proper ways to interact with a dog, how to ask the dog for behaviors, how to teach the dog something new, and will also include a craft. The sooner you can get your kids on board with training and safe handling of dogs the better, as it gives them a purposeful and understanding relationship with our canine friends. 


Parents do not have to stay to observe this class. Kids do NOT need to supply their own dog if they don't have an appropriate dog to handle. We have many kid-safe, distraction proof dogs available to us if your child needs one to handle. If you have a family dog that does not do well with distractions or new people, dogs, or places, this is not the class for your dog. We want the kids to be able to focus on what we're showing them, and not having to curb bad habits that the dog already has.


We are going to set once per month kids club dates! Please fill out the form here if you want to be added to the contact list for this class. 


For inquiries about classes, boarding,  retail sales, or our training programs please call Amy @ 306-960-5415 or use our contact form.


For all daycare inquiries please contact Caroline @ 306-981-6740 or go to the daycare page for more information.

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