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9Is your dog lunging at other dogs while on leash? Does he seem over-exuberant and out of control as you approach other dogs on leash? Is she barking at dogs who are passing by your house? Reactive Rover Classes and Services (for dog-dog reactivity) will help you help your dog.

This course is for dogs over six months of age with known reactivity (e.g., raised hackles, increased arousal, barking, lunging, or growling, etc.). The root of your dog's reactivity can come from any number of causes such as leash frustration, over-excitement, or even fear of other dogs. For example, your dog may "just want to say hi" but his barking and otherwise inappropriate behavior puts you and other dogs on-edge. We can help you teach him alternative behaviors to diminish his reactivity.

Reactive Rover is designed primarily for dog-to-dog reactivity, but the same techniques can be used with other reactivity issues (i.e., reactivity to bikes, skateboards, etc.) Participants will learn how dogs communicate through body language and examine their relationships with their dogs. They will learn how to teach and reward appropriate behavior in their dogs. The small class size (maximum of four dogs) provides encouragement and a positive learning environment. We set you and your dog up for success! The private ‘classroom’ and individual dogs are carefully managed so as to prevent interaction between the reactive dogs.

Dogs must be at least 6 months of age, spayed/neutered, current on rabies vaccination.

This is a set of six classes and will include resources for you to keep after class is complete.


The next set of Reactive Rover will begin spring of 2019. If you are in need of help on reactivitiy the Day Training program may suit your needs! Also, please contact us if you'd like to be notified of the next set. 


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