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Do you have a dog or puppy but don’t seem to have the time or the knowledge needed to teach proper manners and skills? Are you going on vacation and want to come home to a dog that knows way more than when you left? Board and train is a great option, your dog gets complete, consistent training, and then you get the same instruction on how to work with your dog and its new skills!


I will be offering in-home training for your dog or puppy. I understand that sometimes life can get in the way despite our best intentions and our dogs are the ones that may get pushed to the bottom of the list. Training time with your dog can be a great bonding experience but if time shortages and lack of information get in the way training can soon turn to frustration.


While your dog stays with me for three + weeks they can learn skills like sit, down, wait, walking comfortably and under control on a leash, come, go to your mat, out, crate training and basic household manners and behaviors. If your dog has more serious underlying issues those can be worked on as well, I can work with dogs that have reactivity issues, and am experienced with different types of aggression. Reactivity and aggression problems may take longer to work through due to the intense amount of time and work involved. Every single dog will have a different custom training plan depending on what your priorities are.


Your dog will live with my family and I in our home, not in a kennel type environment. Training will take place multiple times throughout the day. You will be updated as often as you wish on how progress is going, and you will also be sent photos and video throughout their stay. You will be able to come and visit your dog if you want while they are here learning. After your dogs training is finished here you must carry on the same methods and commands that the dog has learned with me. You, and any family members that interact with the dog, will have private training session before you take your dog back home so that you understand what work has been done and how to keep all the training success. I will also come to your home after you have your dog back to make sure that the transition back home has been smooth and uneventful. I offer ongoing training to ensure that your investment is worth your while, and if issues arise after your dog has settled back in at home I will be there to work through them with you.


All training will be done using positive reinforcement methods only, there will be absolutely no choke, prong, or shock collars. All methods are the most recent up to date scientific methods deriving from the top dog trainers and behaviorists. I have been very involved in dogs training and dog sports, if you would like to know more about me and my accomplishments and experience please feel free to ask! I would expect that if you are sending your dog to a trainer for in-home training you will want to know more about the trainer.


There is a minimum three week commitment and a non-refundable deposit of $150 when you book your dogs stay, and the rest is due on your dogs first day of training. I will be in contact with you prior to your dog arriving here so that we can set up an assessment and you can fill me in on what your long and short term training goals are for your dog. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me!


For inquiries about classes, boarding,  retail sales, or our training programs please call Amy @ 306-960-5415 or use our contact form.


For all daycare inquiries please contact Caroline @ 306-981-6740 or go to the daycare page for more information.

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