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After growing up on the farm and always having at least one dog, it only seemed natural that after high school I would finally have one of my own. One turned to two quickly, and my second dog was a big challenge! After working through many issues with him I was even more interested in canine behavior. Then came the learning, fostering dogs, working at a boarding kennel, SPCA, and joining the local Kennel Club.


My personal dogs enjoy activities including obedience, rally obedience, trick training, demos, conformation shows, nosework, tracking, agility, dock diving, and being couch potatoes, of course. Some love to compete and bring home the big ribbons, others like staying at home and keeping an eye on the house. Personally I enjoy competing and the challenge that it presents for me, I also have non-traditional breeds to use for "sports" so it's rewarding for me to train and have success with these dogs that aren't natural born competitors. 


Since 2006 I have spent all my time researching, training, and learning about how dogs work. Thanks to the technology available today I have had the opportunity to work, and troubleshoot, with trainers across the world. I have attended seminars both in person and online with some of the top trainers in all different fields. 


Because dog training is an unregulated field there is a lot of incorrect information and uninformed trainers out there. So due to that not only is experience important, but so is formal education. I am certified through the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers. This is by far the largest and most comprehensive certifying body out there for dog trainers. I am also always learning as much as possible by attending seminars, conferences, and events that are hosted by the top trainers available. The world of dog training and behavior is continually changing and evolving as time goes on thanks to amazing trainers, behaviorists and researchers there is no excuse to be stuck in old and outdated training methods.


I look forward to working with you and your dog, I am always excited by new training challenges and situations!


Amy Locke



For inquiries about classes, boarding,  retail sales, or our training programs please call Amy @ 306-960-5415 or use our contact form.


For all daycare inquiries please contact Caroline @ 306-981-6740 or go to the daycare page for more information.

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